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Trending: Rs 2000 Note First Look!

Trending: Rs 2000 Note First Look!

As per some media reports, Reserve Bank of India Bank (RBI) will soon be introducing new high-value currency notes of the denomination of Rs 2,000.  Neither the government nor the RBI has confirmed this development but the reports further added that that Rs 2000 notes have already been printed and the process of dispatch has also commenced.

Now, a picture of Rs 2000 note with the tagline 'Reserve Bank of India Rs 2000 Currency Note First Look' is going Viral on social media. There is no authenticity of this note but people have started sharing it virally.

At a time when efforts are being made towards shifting to cashless transactions and reducing the circulation of the two topmost currencies: Rs 1,000 and Rs 500, which also account for about 86 per cent of the new notes added by the RBI last year, the pictures of these new Rs 2000 notes have surprised everyone.

In fact, upon the advice of the RBI, the Central govt. decides on regulating various denominations of currency, increase and/or decrease circulation, demonetize currency etc. to keep the inflation in check.

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