Andhra's IT Techie shot in the US

Andhra's IT Techie shot in the US

A young man from Nellore (Andhra) named Dheeraj Reddy Dega has been shot in the US and is currently battling for his life in Mercy Hospital in Ballas Road. He was shot when he was on his way from a gas station at Maryland Heights, St Louis in Missouri.

Unfortunately, the bullet which entered Dheeraj's body has damaged the intestine and the liver. The condition is critical and Dheeraj is on a ventilator, scheduled for multiple surgeries. The bullet is also yet to be taken out of the body.

Dheeraj's friend Kishore Chittamuru started GoFundMe Fundraiser in support of his friend. The cops said that they have immediately entered into the scene as soon as they got the call regarding the shots being fired.

"Witnesses provided the description of a vehicle involved in the shooting. That information was broadcasted to surrounding agencies and the suspect was apprehended a short time later, said the officer.

The investigation has also commenced by the detectives from the Maryland Heights Police Department. In GoFundMe Fundraiser, Kishore stated that Dheeraj grew up as an orphan after his parents passed away when he was young. Later, he worked for a MNC in India.

"It took time for him to stand financially and support himself for his master's education. To fulfil his dream, he came to the USA in January 2020 to pursue a Masters at Eastern Illinois University. He is an intelligent guy who got a scholarship in his school," the fundraiser states. The funds collected will be used for the expenses of Dheeraj's medical treatment.


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