US: Gun Sales Spike Up after Coronavirus outbreak

US: Gun Sales Spike Up after Coronavirus outbreak

The biggest outbreak ever for the present generation is Coronavirus and we have been seeing the panic buying, fears, isolations and quarantines for a month. As a part of panic buying, people have been filling their carts with weirdest things to buy at this moment, like paper rolls, thermometers, and even coffins. A new item has joined the list and is causing more tensions now.

The newest among the panic buying items is the guns in the USA. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the panicked Americans have been rushing to Gun and ammo stores to get hold of arms just to protect themselves from others as they feel the panic buyers are getting frenzy, crazy and unpredictable due to desperation from bare aisles.

In a rather insane update, the sales of ammunition have gone up more than five times the usual numbers. The gun stores in Atlanta and Los Angeles have long lines stretched even before the stores opened today.

The sales of guns have shot up just within a week and many of them are buying their first firearm, while the others are existing gun owners adding to their collection.

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