Major USA Theatres Closed: Tollywood Has To Wait

Major USA Theatres Closed: Tollywood Has To Wait

Finally, Donald Trump administration in the USA is slowly taking steps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in their country by ordering the shutdown of various malls and now movie theatres.

In a bid to prevent the pandemic from getting worse, almost 40,000+ screens of the USA got shut down from today. While some of the big movie chains stated that they will remain open and take some necessary precautions, the likes of AMC Theatres announced that they will remain closed for 6-12 weeks. At the same time, Regal movies announced that their theatre chains are shut until further notice.

In Telangana, we have theatres shut until March 21st, so some of the Telugu producers and few distribution biggies are hoping that they will get business soon. But with USA theatre chains shut, will Tollywood ignore the USA revenue and force Telangana to open theatres? Anyway, with CM KCR also stubborn to not open malls and theatres until Corona is wiped to the fullest, Tollywood has to wait for more time to see movie business thriving once again.

On the other hand, all the Southern states except Andhra Pradesh have shut their theatres to prevent unwanted transmission of Corona virus, if any.


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