Charminar, Canada's favorite Indian restaurant comes to Brampton

Charminar, Canada's favorite Indian restaurant comes to Brampton

Charminar, Canada's favourite Indian restaurant comes to Brampton... Let's get this party started!

As Charminar gears up to open doors in Canada's former Flower Town, let's see what Charminar is actually all about.

Famous for its Biryani, Charminar is your one-stop shop for all things South Indian. Often hailed as Canada's best Indian Restaurant, Charminar has a lot to offer to its visitors - from a variety of Dosas to sumptuous Desi nibbles, that are prepared by professional chefs, with love and care.
Food that is of top-most quality is prepared here using ingredients that are fresh, natural and highly palatable. In less than 4 months, Charminar has quickly become Canada's go-to restaurant for all things Desi.  

The culinary legacy of India is carry forwarded by Charminar with their dishes. Whether they're Biryanis, that are free of MSGs or Dosas that are crispy and delicious, nothing disappoints here.  

You can also order this authentic taste of real India online or get them catered to your next party, big or small.  

Charminar is about to also, very soon, open its doors in Mississauga. Extended support from friends, family and loyal customers have enabled Charminar to elevate and cement its position as Canada's favorite Indian restaurant.  

This success has now given birth to Chicha's, a restaurant for the young guns, where they are their authentic selves. The idea of Chicha, the flirty and flamboyant dude from Hyderabad, is to serve you nostalgia along with some food and chai, that you'll keep wanting more of - take our word for it.

Charminar Brampton, Opening On Jan 4th, 2020!


50 Sky Harbour Dr, Unit 3,
Brampton, ON L6Y 6G9
+1 (905) 452-7907
+1 (647) 331-0128

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC

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