US: Two NRI students died in road Accident

US: Two NRI students died in road Accident

Among vastly growing NRI deaths in the US, another case yesterday left two Indian families in grief and pain. A horrific road mishap led two Indian students, namely, Vybhav Gopisetty(26) and Judy Stanley(23), die on the night of Thanksgiving.

The incident happened in South Nashville, Tennessee and both the students were graduate students of the Tennessee State University, pursuing food science degree in the College of Agriculture. Hearing the unfortunate news, the university students raised more than$42000 for the last rites and funeral through GoFundMe Page.

Cops told that Gopisetty and Stanley died in a hit-and-run case on the night of November 28. And, the GMC truck which was involved in the mishap is owned by a 26-year-old David Torres. He has reportedly surrendered at Metro Nashville PS on Dec 1 after running away from the accident scene.

Gopisetty and Stanley were driving a Nissan Sentra and Torres truck has crashed into it, The witness said that the truck speeds up and ran into the red light. The Associate Professor at the Agricultural Department in the college, Bharat Pokharel, wrote a Facebook post saying that the students were "humble, innocent, hardworking with a prosperous future. I could not believe what happened to the lives of these two young energetic scientists".


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