US: Husband kills wife over liking Hrithik Roshan

US: Husband kills wife over liking Hrithik Roshan

It is a common fact that celebrities catch our attention. Their lovely faces, grand clothing and luxurious lives, everything is quite contagious for our brains. Moreover, some even consider their favourite stars as their role models. However, getting jealous and possessive when your partner has a celebrity crush is pretty frivolous.

A weird case in the US where a 33-year-old man stabbed his wife to death because she likes B-town actor Hrithik Roshan has left everyone in shock. Later, the man also hanged himself. The reason he killed his wife because he was jealous of her admiration towards Hrithik Roshan. The man has been identified as Dineshwar Budhidat and his wife Donne Dojoy. Dineshwar worked as a bartender and then hanged himself from a tree on Friday, a report in The New York Post said. The extreme jealousy on his spouse over a silly reason has taken both lives, leaving their families in grief.

The reports came in after investigation that Dineshwar used to ask his wife to switch off the TV whenever Hrithik's song or movies telecast, following by a fight. After killing Donne, the man texted his wife's sister, saying he had killed her. He also told her to find the keys to the apartment under a flower pot. He then went on to hang himself from a tree at a nearby field. Having insecurities and jealousy over finding a celebrity good-looking is not healthy and mature and the case is indeed an eye-opener to many.

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