Mexico deported 311 Indians; sent them back to Delhi

Mexico deported 311 Indians; sent them back to Delhi

Nearly 311 Indians, who came to fulfill their dreams of working/living in the US, have been shattered as they were landed in Delhi yesterday, after Mexican authorities deported them for illegally entering the country. A total of 311 Indians was asked to board on a chartered flight, along with 75 Mexican officials as spy security.

These whopping number of 311 Indians were reportedly spent their nights in forests, without getting adequate food, only to chase their dream of living in the US. All of them caught and taken to Spain from Mexico first and then to Delhi.

With shattered dreams, they have landed in Delhi after an 11 hour-long flight and a total of 36-hour journey. Among them, one deportee was a 19-year-old Mandeep Singh, who left his city Punjab in June after he flunked in Indian Army examination. It is said that Mandeep spent nearly 20 lakhs to reach the US through an agent in Punjab.

Moreover, most of the deportees are said to be from Punjab and Haryana. As per the press release, it is stated that Indian nationals who were trying to enter the country illegally have been deported from the Toluca City Airport on Boeing 747 aircraft to Delhi. All of them had to go through an ordeal as they walked nearly three hours in forests with full of thorns and sporadical corpses in between, but cops caught them and deported to Honduras in a bus.

Deportees said that they were just 800kms away when cops found them and it was a horrifying experience. Another young man, 22-year-old Sahil Malik said that he came to Ecuador in June after crossing many borders via buses. To much surprise, the only woman of caught deportees, 34-year-old Kamaljit Kaur spent 53 lakhs to reach the US.

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