Pics: Walk For Equality In Chicago

All Illinois constituents came together to request Senator Dick Durbin to support the S386 bill (Fairness for high-skilled immigrants act of 2016) in Chicago through 'Walk for Equality'.

The bill supports, Equality for all and stops Country of origin discrimination. It saves dependent kids from aging out and self-deportation. It also removes per country caps for Employment based Green cards. The bill helps to retain Medical, science and Engineering professionals helping rural America and also saves US born citizens from being sent out of country.

Already 18 IL house representatives voted for the bill and HR 1044 has already passed in the house with overwhelming 365 Bipartisan votes. This walk was to request Senator Durbin's support of the unanimous consent agreement of the bill.

The walk was held from City hall in the downtown to Kluczyski Federal Building on October 10 evening at 4pm. Nearly 5000 people turned up at the walk.

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