US: Indian student tried to save friend, both died

US: Indian student tried to save friend, both died

Ajay Kumar Koyyalamudi, a 24-year-old from Karnataka's Raichur, went to the US for his higher studies to Texas in 2018 December. He died yesterday in an unfortunate incident while trying to save his friend.  His friend Teja also lost his life after falling into the water.

A group of friends have gone to Turner falls(Oklahoma) on a recreational trip and Ajay got accidentally drowned when he jumped into the water to save his friend, Teja. Ajay was a resident of Sindanur Taluk in Raichur and was studying Construction Engineering at the University of Texas, Arlington. The friends travelled 330 km from Dallas to Oklahoma for a trip to Turner Falls. Least they could imagine this horrific incident coming their way.

When one of his friends, Teja Koushik Voleti, lost balance and fell into the water, Ajay took the initiative of jumping into the river and saving him. But he ended up drowning himself. His friend Teja, a 22-year-old, also died due to drowning.

The Telugu Association of America approached the Indian High Commissioner Office in Texas to get Ajay’s and Teja's bodies back to their residences in India. The incident has left both the family members in deep shock and grief.

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