Dil Raju Regrets For Losing iSmart?

Dil Raju Regrets For Losing iSmart?

Let's call spade a spade. Until iSmart Shankar got released on Thursday to a thunderous start, the expectations on the film in trade and industry circles was not great.

Even top distributors and producers like Dil Raju who had lost chunk of money with Puri's last film Mehbooba were not confident enough on iSmart Shankar.

Though Dil Raju initially shown interest in iSmart had backed out of it after his business terms didn't meet with Puri and Charmi.

While Dil Raju wanted the loss on Mehbooba to be compensated with iSmart rights with a lesser price, Puri and Charmi were against to it. Hurt with it, Dil Raju decided not to take the distribution rights of iSmart.

This seems to be a wrong decision by Raju as the film earned 16.73 Crore share in AP and Telangana in 3 days i.e 7.36 Crore share in Nizam alone, the film has given a rude shock to trade experts and noted distributors.

Even many producers who had no expectations on iSmart are now surprised with the mind-boggling Box Office figures of the film.

Apparently, Dil Raju is now regretting his decision to not take the distribution rights of iSmart Shankar.

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