'No Doubt, Nabha Is Ileana 2.0'

'No Doubt, Nabha Is Ileana 2.0'

It looks like Ram Gopal Varma is in no mood to stop promoting his erstwhile assistant director Puri Jagannadh's latest blockbuster 'iSmart Shankar'. But now, RGV is seem to have smitten by the beauty and charms of one of the film's heroines, Nabha Natesh.

RGV took to his Twitter this morning and tweeted, "After seeing #issmartshankar, I have no doubt that Nabha Natesh is Ileana 2.0." However, only RGV knows whether he compared Nabha with Ileana in terms of her looks or acting. RGV also posted a picture in which he was posing with Nabha during one of iSmart Shankar's success parties.

Needless to say, Nabha is on cloud nine with RGV's appreciation. Thanking RGV, she told him that she has been a fan of his movies and that it was an honour to meet him. RGV continued to surprise Nabha, saying that he became her fan after watching iSmart Shankar.

Nabha did impress everyone with her chirpy acting with a care a damn attitude and voluptuous looks. Thanks to the film's grand success, Nabha will get more bankable projects with top banners and star heroes.

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