Akkineni Khandan Excited About Kodalu Pilla

Akkineni Khandan Excited About Kodalu Pilla

Today Samantha's 'Oh Baby' trailer is released and it got huge appreciations from all the quarters. More importantly, Nagarjuna felt proud about his 'Kodalu Pilla' and even Annapurna Studios tweeted about their Kodalu Pilla. However, here's the talk about their 'promotion' dose.

With the release set for July 5th, surely Akkineni family should have done the same promotion couple of days before the release. But if they go all out now and turn silent at the time of the release, then nothing much will be helpful for the movie. Maybe they should save all these 'kodalu pilla' tweets till then to showcase their love.

On the other hand, for the first time ever, it looks like Suresh Productions is aggressively promoting this movie as it is quite prestigious for them. Firstly it's an official remake of Korean movie Miss Granny and secondly, it is the first time that Suresh Productions is making a film with their female relative.

Hope all these promotions and Samantha's powerful screen presence will work in the favour of the film.

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