It's no more easy to switch jobs, for H1B holders

It's no more easy to switch jobs, for H1B holders

Over the last couple of years, United States President Donald Trump has made multiple changes to the H1-B visa policy and it certainly had the major impact on Indians, both H1B visa holders and applicants. Not just the individuals, but the organizations/companies run by Indian origin people are under special scanner. With a view that immigrants are taking more advantage of American jobs, the Trump government is declining H1B visa extensions and at the same time, the process for job switch has become too awful for the H1B holders.

Ever since Trump gained power in 2016, he has been pushing for 'Buy American, Hire American' vision in his policy. Inline with what he has been speaking in last few months, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has tightened rules for the H1B visa holders requesting to switch jobs.

According to a report, the USCIS has been denying applications even if the new job is in same line as old one citing the reason as 'not a specialty occupation'. Certainly, it's an unexpected setback for Indians who are waiting for 'Greed Card'.

So, for an H1B holder to switch to a new job, he must file a H1B petition seeking an extension and it is generally to join the new employer post the approval. In any such case, if the department denies extending his status, the applicant will be categorized as 'out of status'. In such case, the old company can hire him back but it's quite infrequent.

So, with the change of rules, the Indian IT giants like Infosys, TCS and others began to overlook the domestic employees and relying on local hiring in US. So, with the growing measures taken up by the US government, Infosys faced 2122 visa rejections in FY18 and TCS faced 1896 visa rejections in the same period.

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