Telangana Girl's Mysterious Death in US

Telangana Girl's Mysterious Death in US

In a shocking incident, a newly-wed girl from Telangana who got married eight months ago was found dead in the US. Sandhya was found dead in her apartment in Memphis in Tennessee state. Local police confirmed that she had a deep cut on her throat. On Saturday morning, Sandhya's family received a call from Srikanth's father D Rajeshwara Rao about her death. While husband Srikanth and in-laws claimed that she "committed suicide", the parents of Sandhya are alleging that husband and in-laws have "killed" Sandhya.

Going into details, Segyam Sandhya belonged to Chintalapalli of Thorrur Mandal in Mahbubabad and her father Mahender (50) is a head constable at Narsimhulapet police station. Apparently, D Srikanth happens to be Sandhya's cousin on her mother's side. It was Srikanth who had come up with a marriage proposal with Sandhya but later it didn't succeed due to a quarrel in the family. Srikanth had left to the US and returned later and again proposed to marry Sandhya. He had convinced Sandhya's parents and they got them married.

Sandhya had later moved to Memphis city in the US along with husband Srikanth and mother-in-law Vijaya. The couple said to have lived happily for first six months. But later the girl alleged that husband and mother-in-law had been demanding for additional dowry and harassing her. Sandhya also informed her parents that her husband Srikanth had threatened to kill her if she "failed" to get additional dowry. While Sandhya's parents assured her that they would talk to Srikanth and resolve the issue, their parents were shocked with the death news of their daughter. Sandhya's parents now regret marrying her to Srikanth.

Sandhya's family has registered a complaint at Thorrur police station against Srikanth, Rajeshwara Rao, Vijaya, elder sister Jyotsna and her husband Anji Babu. Sandhya's father Mahender alleged that Srikanth and his mother Vijaya had demanded 1 Crore as additional dowry and killed her for dowry.

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