Study In Australia: Indian Students Count Surged

Study In Australia: Indian Students Count Surged

Indian students are being largely enrolled in Australian educational institutions in 2018 reaching the count up to one lakh. It constitutes a total percentage of 12.4 in international enrolments. However, China is in a leading position with 2.64 lakh students. Currently, Australia has announced 'Additional Temporary Graduate' visa to the international students. The visa has an extra one year of post-study work rights to those who studied and came from regional registered colleges.

This visa is hugely beneficial to decongest areas like Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, attracting more international students to the country. Australia's department of home affairs released a statement that the visa will be available to the first eligible batch of graduates from 2021.

PM Scott Morrison said that new tertiary scholarships are being introduced to study in regional Australia worth $15000. These scholarships will be available to 1000 local and international students.

The famous Charles Darwin Univerity has 10% of 20000 students from various countries like India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh. Due to high immigrants, the university is examining to provide best for students with Additional Temporary Graduate visas.

Students those who want to live permanently post studies are given a new regional visa which has an option to convert to permanent residency after a tenure of three years. This largely attracts those who wish to settle in regional areas.

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