Indian Students Locked up with Criminals In the US?

Indian Students Locked up with Criminals In the US?

It's known that around 129 Indian students were detained in Visa Scam in US. Ever since the news about the arrests came out, their families in India are worried and looking out for some support from Indian government. Already, the Ministry for External Affairs are working on this issue and got consular access for 117 students.

When it comes to their status in US detention centres, the Indian organisations and embassy officials are making a serious allegation that Donald Trump-led US government is mistreating our students as they are locked up in cells along with the criminals, who're serving jail sentence for involving in murders and rapes. The Embassy has made an appeal saying that many of those students are actually unaware of the mistake and asked not to jail them along with criminals.

Reacting to it, the Congress Committee of four members, including the Indian-origin Raja Krishnamurthy, wrote a letter to Homeland Security agency saying that India is the major partner in US development and said not to keep them locked with criminals. 'In 2017, around 17% of students studying in US are from India and that itself tells India's role in our country's education,' added Congress committee, besides offering all possible support to those students.

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