30 Telugu Students detained in US return home

30 Telugu Students detained in US return home

With over 150 Telugu students being detained in the US for being part of a fraudulent education scam following their enrolment into a fake university, 30 of them reached Hyderabad on wee hours of Monday. It is learnt that these students landed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad at around 2 am and were received by their parents.    

The Ministry of External Affairs along with local Telugu organisations and associations from both Telugu States in the US are working to bring back the remaining students to the country. Telugu associations have already approached immigration lawyers in the US to represent Telugu students and present their case.

However, Indian authorities also have made an appeal to students asking them to return to India if their F1 visa has expired. The detention of Indian Students in the US is an example of how there is a desperation among Indians, especially people from Telugu states, to pursue their American dream, at all costs, even by violating American laws.

While the US authorities allege that the students knew that it was a fake degree and took active part in the fraud, Indian authorities are calling it a classic case of entrapment in luring innocent students.

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