'Fake dates' Worry Immigrants In the US

'Fake dates' Worry Immigrants In the US

While Indian government is making efforts to gain information about our students who were detained in US for involving in Visa Scam, the US government is troubling hundreds of immigrants by serving invalid notices asking them to appear for deportation hearings.

Across the US, several immigrants have turned up at immigration courts on Thursday, after they received notices. But, after waiting in long lines for several hours, the officials said that the notices were invalid.

According to Immigration lawyers, Department of Homeland Security's border security agencies must issue the notices with date, time & location- following the Supreme Court ruling-and should also submit them with court. But, they've failed to file formal charges and so the hearings did not actually got scheduled. Already, the US Courts are said to have a backlog of 8 lakh immigration cases. The attorneys have been observing such 'fake date' notices since last June. Hundreds and Thousands of people are frightened and worried about the confusion it caused.

The US immigration lawyers are inundated with reports of incorrect dates from all parts of the country. While DHS failing to file charges in-time is one reason for this confusion, the government shutdown and bad weather in US caused further trouble.

In some cases, they have renewed calls for the courts and asked the immigrants on a newer date. Speaking about filing delays, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Jennifer Elzea attributed it to government shutdown and added, "All relevant teams are working together to resolve this issue going forward."

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