H-1B Processing Time Increased by 169%!

H-1B Processing Time Increased by 169%!

The processing time for H-1B applications has seen an increase of 169 percent in last four years, which eventually makes the applicants wait longer, according to a research by one American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The work visas, work permits (like H4 EADs) and other immigration benefits processing takes long time as they have reached crisis levels. It has reached to almost an 8 month wait for a non-premium H-1B application filings, s per the new statistics.

In 2014, the H-1B applications used to take up to 2.9 months to process and it gradually changed with the increase in processing time reaching to a 7.8 months time to process the same. This shows a shocking increase percentage in processing time (169%) through these four years.

Among all the H-1B applicants, Indians are the major share in getting approved for initial employment. Indians obtained 63 percent of total 1.08 lakh visas that were issued, as per the end of fiscal year 2017.

Apart from long wait issues due to processing delays, there are many other practical difficulties for the immigrant workers and families. It is getting more difficult to get the driver licenses renewed while waiting for approval of visa. Though the H-1Bs can continue working up to 240 days while the application is pending, the the drivers license issuing state level agencies do not know these federal level regulations, and they don't honor them even if they understand.

While it is the aim of Trump administration to restrict immigration by allowing only high skilled few workers to enter the country, it could not achieve it due to divided Congress. So the only way they seem to follow now is to slow down the process, which ultimately works towards their aim.

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