Plight of Telugu students In the US: Struggling to stay there, unable to return

Plight of Telugu students In the US: Struggling to stay there, unable to return

Once again, the plight of Telugu students in the United States, has hit the headlines with an immigration fraud coming out. About 200 Telugu students were reportedly under police detention and the officials are considering to deport all of them.   

Students who reach US for higher studies and fancy job, are unable to get H1B visa which is a lifeline to stay for a longer time in the country. Post completing MS, few of them do Optional Practical Training (OPT) for about three years. In this time, they can apply for H1B visa. Due to severe competition and limited slots, many find it tough to get visa. In order to stay for some more time and test their luck, students are doing doubling PG. But this is turning out to be a huge financial burden on them.

Unable to return to India, somehow students are struggling and staying back in the US. Students from Telugu states are in high number going to the US compared to the other states in India.

A total of 4,800 universities are there in US. But many of them have no accreditation. Students are blindly applying for the universities without proper knowledge and research. Students who study in universities with no accreditation can only be for a year to work instead of three years under Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

US offers 65,000 H1B visa for foreign working professionals and in addition to that 20,000 will be specially granted for students pursuing MS in the country. People who make it, have no issues but the number of them applying is more than what is being offered currently.

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