NATS Working to get Telugu Students out of Custody

NATS Working to get Telugu Students out of Custody

The US Federal agents on Wednesday took eight Indians into custody after they were charged for involving in a conspiracy to help around 600 foreign students gain fake immigrant documents and all of them in custody are Telugu people. In a sting operation conducted by the Homeland Security agents, it's found that several hundreds of foreign nationals are illegally staying in US and these eight people helped them create fake papers.

As per a spokesman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the students arrested were booked for immigration violations and may face deportation. Those charged are: Bharath Kakireddy (Florida), Aswanth Nune (Atlanta), Suresh Reddy Kandala (Virginia), Phanideep Karnati (Kentucky), Prem Rampeesa (North Carolina), Santosh Reddy Sama (California), Avinash Thakkallapally (Pennsylvania) and Naveen Prathipati (Dallas).

As soon as the arrests picked up, several Telugu students in US have reached out to the helpline of North America Telugu Society (NATS). After learning about the arrests, NATS chairman and its President Srinivas Guthikonda and Srinivas Manchikalapudi have sought the legal help from New Jersey based lawyer Srinivas Jonnalagadda, who also is a Telugu man. They're working on an action plan to offer legal support to our Telugu students in custody.

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