USA Frozen: Record Breaking Cold Temperatures, 'Stay Inside'!

(In picture: Chicago River Frozen in the state of Illinois at -53 degrees)

In a verge of breaking all previous records of extreme temperatures from 1985 (-27 degrees), the present temperatures in the US turned deadly cold and getting colder towards minus 21 (Chicago) on Wednesday morning, due to Arctic cold blasts. This once-in-a-lifetime arctic deep freeze from the polar vortex settled in over the Midwest.

The wind chills dipped to even shocking numbers like 53 degrees below zero. According to reports from National Weather Service, the temperature reached minus-28 degrees in Minneapolis that could even break a 100 year old record temperatures. The wind chill is at minus-49.

These are life-threatening wind chills likely to widespread record lows and low maximum temperatures, according to weather service. Government and weather services are suggesting people to 'stay inside' as it could lead to many problems including Frostbite that can set within five minutes in such temperatures.

There were reports that at least eight deaths were recorded in this weather, which includes a man struck and killed by a snowplow in the Chicago area, while another man found frozen to death in a garage.

It was 27 degrees below zero windchill in Detriot and minus-32 in Ann Arbor. Thousands of flights in extreme weather conditions were either delayed or canceled, with around 1000 flights canceled from Chicago alone.

Amtrak too canceled services in many areas, even the ones with short distance too. Postal Service too released a notice in 10 states announcing the delivery delays due to the concerns for the safety of its employees.

Many pictures with frozen rivers and lakes have gone viral.

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