200 Telugu students among 600 caught in the US!

200 Telugu students among 600 caught in the US!

The Federal agents who have used a fake university to identify students illegally staying in the United States have detained 600 foreign students. Among them 200 students are belong to the Telugu states.

The Detroit police have arrested eight people in connection with this immigration fraud. Barath Kakireddy (29) of Lake Mary, Florida, Suresh Kandala (31) of Culpeper, Virginia, Phanideep Karnati (35) of Louisville, Kentucky, Prem Rampeesa (26) of Charlotte, North Carolina, Santosh Sama (28) of Fremont, California, Avinash Thakkallapally (28) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Aswanth Nune (26) of Atlanta and Naveen Prathipati (26) of Dallas are under the police custody. The cops have identified another 14 Telugu students involved and among them three are said to be females.

In the 200 detained students, quite a few have completed their masters and awaiting for their H1B visa process. The immigration officials are planning to deport all of them to their respective countries.

The so called University of Farmington is established in 2015 and is located on Northwestern Highway, just south of 13 Mile Road. The university was part of a federal law enforcement undercover operation to identify recruiters indulging in immigration fraud.

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