Talented foreign students should stay back in US : Trump

Talented foreign students should stay back in US : Trump

The latest press conference of United States president Donald Trump has got some respite to offer for the legal immigrants to their nation who are meritorious. Calling their immigration policy a 'ridiculous' one, Trump said that US need merit foreign students to stay back got in their nation after finishing their higher study from the leading institutions of America.

He wished to make changes to the existing immigration policy so that they can attract more talented people from other nations. Speaking to the press reporters, the President said: "We have all these companies coming in. We need great people. But, we want them to come in on a merit basis, and they have to come in on a merit basis. They can't come in the way they've been coming in for years." Trump added that some big tech companies are calling and complaining about it.

He continued, "They end up going back to China and Japan and so many other countries all over the world, and we don't keep them. They get educated at out top schools, and then we don't allow them, through a set of circumstances, to have any guarantees of staying. So we lose out on great minds. We can't do that." So, clearly, the US president is keen on opening up more roles for legal immigrants and make policy work better for talented Indian too. He also revealed that the same thing has been discussed at Democratic Congressional leadership meeting at the White House on Friday.

Trump exuded confidence that democrats would agree to it. He further said: "So, call it politically correct or not, but we have to let these great and brilliant companies have the smartest people in the world."

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