California Wildfire: Over 1,000 Missing

California Wildfire: Over 1,000 Missing

The devasting California wildfire which erupted November 8 has claimed 71 victims and left nearly 1,011 people missing until Friday. Authorities report that the wildfire has devoured an area which is almost the size of Chicago city. This is termed as the deadliest disaster in California history.    

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is set to visit the area gutted down by the inferno to survey the damage and meet the victims and their families on Saturday. Trump had earlier said in an interview with Fox News that the forest authorities are to be blamed for the management of the California forests, but later added that the climate change might have also contributed to the disaster.

The wildfires have left thousands of people of the town of Paradise at the Northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Nearly 146,000 acres of forests were burned completely. 47,000 people were evacuated and nearly 1,200 are taking shelter in the relief camps.

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