US Sex Racket: How A Piece Of Waste Paper Led To Couple's Arrest

US Sex Racket: How A Piece Of Waste Paper Led To Couple's Arrest

The fate of Modugumudi Kishan and his wife Chandrakala Modugumudi who were arrested by the Chicago police for allegedly running a prostitution racket with Tollywood actresses will be sealed on Thursday.

After filing a 42 page criminal complaint against the couple on April 9, the police will present them in the North District of Illinois' Eastern court on Thursday. The judgement will be out within a month and after serving the sentence, the couple will be deported back to India.

Meanwhile, all it took for the cops to unearth the prostitution racket was a piece of waste paper found in Kishan Modugumudi's pocket. Apparently, the United States Border Patrol authorities took the Modugumudi couple into custody on January 23, 2018 for illegally staying in the US even after their visa was expired.

During the interrogation, the cops retrieved a piece of paper taken from a star hotel's letterhead from Kishan. On that paper, Kishan scribbled the names of the actresses and dates and the hotels they will be staying at.

The police smelled a sex racket and immediately raided the Modugumudi couple's residence and recovered condoms and 5 diaries with complete details of actresses and their clients and money transactions mentioned in it. This led to a full-fledged probe and the arrest of the couple.

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