Tollywood Sex Racket Busted in US

Tollywood Sex Racket Busted in US

In a shocking incident, a high-profile sex racket run by a Telugu couple is busted in the United States.

One Kishan Modugumudi (alias Vibha Jayam) and his wife Chandra Modugumudi were allegedly running a sex racket in Chicago for a while. The couple allegedly lured several Tollywood actresses and anchors to the US in the name of conferences/events in the US and organized flesh trade with their clients.

Apparently, the couple charged some where between 3000 USD and above from the clients for the sexual favours from the actresses. The couple said to have run the prostitution racket in New Jersey, Washington and Dallas. The couple allegedly rented a two bedroom apartment and accommodated 5 actresses in it. While the husband was crucial in getting clients and actresses on board, the wife allegedly maintained the accounts and kept track of the details of clients, actresses and their pay.

The United States Capitol Police have conducted a sting operation for the last few months and finally nabbed the culprits. The Federal authorities seized mobile phones and took the call records and SMSes of the couple with clients and actresses. Several condom packets were also found by the US police during the investigation. Allegedly, the couple also harassed the actresses.

More details are yet to be known as probe is currently underway.

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