Minneapolis - Nawabi HYDERABAD HOUSE Grand Opening

Minneapolis - Nawabi HYDERABAD HOUSE Grand Opening

If you ever had the desire to eat an entire meal with your family or friends ending with the new art of finger licking...don't miss your presence - Please visit our Nawabi Hyderabad House Biryani Place in Minneapolis first ever place with 18 varieties of biryani's depicting the Indian kitchens together in one place.

Uppu kappurambu okka polikanundu
Maavadda ruchulu anekamu undu
Purushulalo punyapurushulu verayaa
Kani aakali okatenayaa
Vishwadaabhirama vinura vema
Hyderabad House start ayyindira mama

Yes, it is the time to celebrate all the food lovers. Finally its happening in Minneapolis with super tasty Indian food together with continental cuisine offers you the great levels of comfort soothing your taste-buds & showcasing you in a feel of heaven away from the routine mechanical life.

NAWABI HYDERABAD HOUSE BIRYANI PLACE is where food follows the tradition. Its not just a day or two in a week but the entire week remains special. Specialities include RAJU GARI BHOJANAM, ABSOLUTE TELUGU BUFFET, UNLIMITED EXECUTIVE BUFFET, PATIALA NIGHTS , TIFFIN NIGHTS.....and what not, satisfying the ultimate FINE DINE in twin city's Minnesota.

Many more mouthwatering signature dishes, ultimate desserts for a happy ending meal for all youngsters to older with their good range of spices levelled up on a spice-o-meter to enjoy some fine moments.

Nawabi Hyderabad House biryani place extends its warm welcome to all the food lovers and comfort zone seekers to come visit their location and make it a grand success. The restaurant stands first with festival specials for all major Indian festivals.

I Mr. Sriman Yarlagadda, sincerely thankful to all my well wishers and special thanks to Sudheer Thondepu, Y.P Rao, Siva Ganga Prasad Kodali, friends and families who joined us on Grand opening. I also thank franchise owners Siva Yarlagadda and Vamsi Kallepalli for their support in setting up the place and for helping me to bring the legacy of Nawabi Hyderabad House Biryani Place to Minneapolis.

Explore more deliciousness at www.HHMinneapolis.com

Follow us at: https://goo.gl/phsvM3

Online Order Coming soon! via: Grubhub.com and Seamless.com

NAWABI TALES:- 1400 MN-7, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305.

Customers can call - 952-767-3311 / 410-739-4269 to enquire more about the grand opening food tales.


Nawabi Hyderabad House Biryani Place franchise also announced that it is getting ready for its launch shortly at the following locations shortly.

Dublin, OH - May 2018
Kansas City - June 2018
Atlanta, GA – July 2018
Toronto, Canada - August 2018

For information about Licensing

USA: JP (Jayaprakash Reddy) @ 309-660-2787.

CANADA: Varma @ 647-960-4499


Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC

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