Rajaratham USA Premiers Today for a mind blowing experience

Rajaratham USA Premiers Today for a mind blowing experience

The much awaited "Rajaratham," is all set for a grand release with USA premiers today.

With its songs making a buzz all over, the industry is raving about the making of the film. The makers JollyHits have ensured to bring in just the best to make this movie a visual grandeur.

Duo director Anup Bhandari and actor Nirup Bhandari who had swept the Kannada audience with Rangita Ranga, are all sure that "Rajaratham," would prove to be a bigger hit. With this confidence, the makers have planned for a grand release across with 750 screens.

The good news for movie lovers is that the USA would have 250 screens for both languages. Keeping the momentum, the bookings at the home ground i.e., Karnataka have been crazy.

The movie starring Nirup Bhandari and Avanthika Shetty has heartthrob Aarya in a key role.

The movie is filled with many USPs. From Puneeth Rajkumar (Kannada) and Rana (Telugu) lending their voice to an impeccable and authentic usage of language in dialogues and lyrics to Anup Bhandari and Ravi Shankar crooning, the list is endless.

So, all you movie lovers out there, gear up and see you the other side of the release.

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