Hero in Danger - Nirup while shooting Rajaratham

Hero in Danger - Nirup while shooting Rajaratham

It is been quite a news that the team of "Rajaratham" have been leaving no stone unturned to make the movie a magnum visual experience.

Anup Bhandari who is known for his perfection seems to be giving the star cast a tough time to match up to his expectations. Nirup Bhandari who was stretching himself to give his BEST had multiple falls and injuries while filming.

According to the crew, he fractured his wrist while shooting a sequence but despite all the physical challenges, Nirup didn't compromise, never went off the schedule. Seeing the commitment, producers JollyHits are sure that film would pay off the efforts and enthral the audience which has Rana Daggubati lending his voice to the royal chariot "Rajaratham".

The film that will see Nirup Bhandari, Arya and Avanthika Shetty is now gearing up for a grand release on Mar 23rd worldwide.

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