Arya vs Rana - clash of the Titans

Arya vs Rana - clash of the Titans

"Rajaratham", the prestigious project of Jollyhits is getting everything in the right place, as they gear up for a grand release.

The film has interesting angles that seem to be creating quite a stir in the audience. The biggest being two heart-throbs Rana and Arya being in the film.

Interestingly Rana would be the voice of the royal chariot "Rajaratham," and Arya would be seen playing a special role sharing the screen space with the lead pair Nirup Bhandari and Avanthika Shetty.

Film's music and direction is done by RangiTaranga fame Anup Bhandari and the producers are ensuring a grand release on March 23rd worldwide.

Get ready for a Royal Journey!

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