Campaign against H1-B Visas in USA!

Campaign against H1-B Visas in USA!

As the 2018's H1-B visa filing season is set to begin from 2nd April, the growing anti-campaigning is threatening the going-to-be filers who were hoping to work in US. From last few days, the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART) stations- which travel through centre of San Francisco Bay- are plastered with advertisement campaigns.

So, what are these ads and what are they about? - these ads are being funded by an organization called 'Progressives for Immigration Reform' and it is a campaign against H1-B visa. On this note, let's walk you through one of the ads that's referring to US tech workers - 'Your firms think you are expensive, undeserving & expendable. Congress, fix H1-B law so companies must seek & hire US workers'.

This is likely to turn as a big setback for IT immigrants. BART is the most-busiest transport system in US which an average passenger count of 4,25,000 on weekday & around 124 Million annual passengers in 2017 financial year.

The H1B immigrants from various parts of the world feel this is scary and unnerving. This has caught the attention of social media users as well and few people have come out publicly to sponsor against the campaign. Daily users of BART feel it is very discouraging and the views of organization that is funding this campaign is falling inline with Trump's views.

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