Spices Hut & Bawarchi under One Roof at Framingham, MA

Spices Hut & Bawarchi under One Roof at Framingham, MA

Spices Hut & Bawarchi Biryanis are coming together with a Grand Opening on March 15, 2018 at 700 Worcester Road in Framingham, MA. The duo opening is not the first time, Bawarchi and Spices Hut has opened their branches together in Atlanta and Morrisville NC has won many hearts with good food and quality groceries.

The Spices Hut is offering a premier source of Indian Grocery, Spices and Farm Fresh vegetables to make your cooking more delightful. You can find the general cooking items like Dals, Spices, Rice, Flours, Frozen tasty Indian Meals, Sweets, snacks and much more to shop. You will get fresh farm veggies and best quality groceries at one place. Spices Hut fits in perfectly with the American Indian community in Framingham. It offers a wide range of Indian Spices that are used in Indian Cuisine.

When comes to Biryani, it is considered as a world's Favorite Dish. The unique flavor and delicacy of the authentic biryanis amaze every foodie to satisfy their appetite. Bawarchi Biryanis serves 40 different unique biryanis recipes Cooked with fresh Indian Spices with delectable flavors served to guests since from years and now in Framingham, MA.

Framingham, MA Located just outside the Boston, Framingham is an old city in the eastern region of Massachusetts. It is known as a historic city and one of the best places for living in the United States. There is lots of delicious and delectable food to enjoy in the city. From Greek to Brazilian and from classic to American fare, the Framingham's culinary is bound to satisfy any appetite, and now, Biryanis from Bawarchi Biryanis and piping hot lip-smacking Indian Snacks from Spices Hut 'Snack Bar' is going to be a part of the excellent town food in Framingham city.

Spices Hut is not only providing the best quality grocery in Framingham but also offering the mouth-watering Indian Snacks with Spices Hut 'Snack Bar'. The Snack bar served Indian crispy pakoras, Mirchi bajjis, Hot and spicy potatoes dumplings and bagged more Indian tongue tangy flavors to the Framingham city,  it is a crowd-pleaser where you can get all the groceries and Indian spices along with the tasty Indian snacks at one place. There is a multitude of options, including varieties of Indian groceries.

"We are proud to be a part of the Spices Hut Grocery store and Bawarchi Biryanis. We provide the best quality groceries and delectable Biryanis to our customers at an affordable price, and we are proud to serve the fresh farm vegetables, Special South Indian Spices and Good Snacks with our Snack Bar at Spices Hut and our signature taste with 40 varieties of Biryanis flavors from Bawarchi Biryanis. We promise the consistent quality and service at both Spices Hut and Bawarchi biryanis", Said by franchisee owner.  Mr. Sunil Kolli.

"We are happy to launch our new Spices Hut branch in Framingham. We will provide the best quality Indian groceries to our customers with some fresh and spicy snacks from our Spices Hut Snack Bar. It is our immense pleasure to thank all our customers, supporters for their constant blessings and loyalty to towards our stores" said by  Mr. Ramesh Gandhamaneni and Mr. Suresh Musunuru, the franchise owners of Spices Hut.

It is our immense pleasure to come along with Spices Hut, Grocery Store for our grand opening in Framingham, MA. "We feel a great privilege to carry the legacy of Indian flavours across the United States. At Bwarchi Biryanis, We assure every bite is fresh, delicious, and delectable and mouth melting to our guests. We are making our constant effort to make every dish an exceptional one for you", said Mr. Kishore Kancharla and Mr. Ramanaidu Suryadevara.

The Taste of the Indian Cuisine and quality Indian Spices from Spices Hut will mesmerize the foodies in Framingham City.

Look forward to serving you all!

Walk-in to: 700 Worcester Road in Framingham, MA.

Reach us SPICESHUT@ +1 508-743-7744 and BAWARCHI @ +1 508-743-7755


For further details, please look us up on

www.SpicesHut.com || (248) 622-1074 || 843 467 6836


Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC

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