#Indian Techies: Trump Stopping? Japan Welcomes You

#Indian Techies: Trump Stopping? Japan Welcomes You

India's dear friend Japan is rising curtains to emerge as second home for Indian IT employees. For any IT employee in India, United States has been the most preferred work location and the foreign nation also welcomed our workforce with great speed.

Ever since Trump has taken over office as president of US, the process to achieve H1-B work visa has become a daunting task for Indians and in addition, the new rules of USCIS is almost making the task next to impossible.

At this point in time, Japan is trying to strike the right chord as the Executive Vice President at Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Shigeki Maeda announced that they need 2 lakh IT professionals from India and demand would further soar to 8 lakhs by 2030. He also said, 'we are also ready to issue them green cards to settle down in Japan and support country's rapidly growing IT infrastructure.'

The Japan official made this key announcement at India-Japan Business Partnership Seminar organized by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Jetro. Currently, Japan has 920000 IT employees in the country and rapid technological innovations is demanding them more workforce from India. He went on to hope that this mission will revolutionize their manufacturing methodology.

Japan is undergoing the paucity of skilled IT people to work in the field of finance, agriculture, life-sciences et al. Maeda said, 'since our companies have limitations to conventional in-house innovations, we wanted Indians to achieve more advanced IT capabilities. With a view to encourage Indian IT professionals, Japan already eased the visa regulations for Indian visitors starting from 1st January.

As per new rules, the applicants do not need to submit their employment certificate and letters of explanation for multiple-entry visas. Also, the number of documents to be submitted has been considerably reduced to three. In case if a person has travelled to Japan twice in one year, the documents will be reduced further to two only – i.e. just your passport and visa application form.

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