PIK in Overseas by PL Creations

PIK in Overseas by PL Creations

PL Creations is bringing a romantic youthful entertainer 'Prema Ishq Kaadhal' into overseas market which is presented by legendary producer D.Suresh Babu, produced by Bekkam Venu Gopal under Lucky media banner and co-produced by Madhura Sreedhar Reddy and Dr.MVK Reddy under Shirdi Sai Combines banner. 'Prema Ishq Kaadhal' is film directed by Pavan Sadineni who is as NRI. Shravan gave haunting music and cinematography is being handled by Karthik Gattamneni. Actors Harshavardhan Rane, Vishnu and Harish, and three girls Vithika, Srimukhi and RituVarma, play three romantic pairs.

The film revolves around three love stories. The tag line says 'PIK your story' which indicates that the stories depicted in the movie are similar to our real life incidents. So, there is fair possibility of audience getting connected to the characters and dialogues in movie. Music composed by Shravan  received  a  tremendous response from the youth. The crew also celebrated the success of the audio with a special event for which Anushka Shetty was the chief guest. The movie is shot in specially erected sets which would be a visual treat for the audience.

Suresh Babu is known for his track record as one of the top producer in Tollywood  Bekkam Venu Gopal (Tata Birla Madhya lo Laila, Satya Bhama and Mem Vayasuku Vacham)  and Madhura Sreedhar (Sneha Geetham, It's My Love Story and Backbench Student) are known for their urge to bring sensible movies with fresh talent to the audience.  When these committed film producers meet talented and passionate youngsters, one can imagine the result and output of the movie.

PL Creations proudly present 'Prema Ishq Kaadhal' to the overseas audience.
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