Pawan Brand wins overseas!

Pawan Brand wins overseas!

If a Telugu movie extracts Rs. 20 crores in the native market itself, it is a comfortably handsome rewarding amount for a movie and it is considered to be hit and the producer would be happy.

But what if a movie just makes that amount for its overseas market? It is nothing but a splendid and never broken record in the near future. That record has been set by the latest movie of Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daaredi. Every body are appreciating Hero Pawan and the Director and writer Trivikram for making this magic of business.

The Attarintiki daaredi paved its own way even to overseas just by reaping an amount of Rs. 20 crores, where as the previous record was Rs. 5 crores by Magadheera. Then it was considred to be the much spoken record.

With by getting Rs. 20 crore in overseas market and reaping more than Rs. 100 crores in the native market now every body are anxious who would beat this record and who would cross the 100 crores bench mark next?

Now every body are eagerly awaiting for Baabubali. As the Bahubali is getting ready to be released simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi... and the Bollywood has the potentiality of getting Rs. 100 crores market, the movie market it keeping a hope on this movie. The time will prove soon whether it is a hope or a hype.

Its the value of two brands PAVAN AND TRIVIKRAM !

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