Bhai Angry With Overseas Distributors?

Bhai Angry With Overseas Distributors?

This is not the first time a story of a movie was leaked by some enthusiast distributors who watch the movie in advance. Right now that happened with an overseas distributor if sources are to be believed. Here goes the titbit doing rounds in Film Nagar.

Already few overseas distributors have got the chance to watch Bhai at Annapurna Studios. After watching the movie these distributors are actually heard sharing that story with some review-writers and finally the story turned up everywhere on internet. Though one such distributor asked to share only a synopsis of that story on web-world, some enthusiasts shared the whole story. Reportedly King Nagarjuna is said to be unhappy after hearing to this story-leaking act.

Anyway these kinds of story leaks will not affect a movie, as it is easy to read a three paragraph story but visualizing it is the tougher thing for any reader. They may lose a little bit of excitement while watching the movie on Silver screen, but a tight screenplay will do magic on them.

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