KTR Breathes Fire On 'India Today' Survey Report

KTR Breathes Fire On 'India Today' Survey Report

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, actually some media folks are regularly targeting governments that are trying pretty hard to contain the spread of the virus. In a similar showdown, popular house 'India Today' has tried to paint Telangana as a state which lacks basic preventive equipment to combat the coronavirus crisis.

In their survey, India Today has featured 12 most affected states in India and revealed the number of Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) these states have to give to doctors and other healthcare sector staff. They have stated that Telangana stands at bottom of the list with just 3,132 PPEs in hand. Reacting on the same, KTR blasted them for their inaccurate reporting.

Addressing, India Today channel's news director and anchor, Rahul Kanwal, KTR tweeted, "Rahul, If you don't have accurate data, don't publish nonsense & confuse people in these troubling times. Will you & India today apologise if I prove that we have 100 times more PPEs than what you have projected here? Sorry but this is disgraceful journalism Rajdeep Sardesai". Ace journo Rajdeep is the consulting editor of India Today group now.

Also, KTR asserted that Telangana has more than 3.6 lakh PPEs currently, and 6 more lakh PPEs are on the way to join the stocks. Even the Telangana government has officially released this 'stock situation' couple of weeks back. AS KTR asked India Today to take out their baseless graphic that projects Telangana in a poor light, even netizens have trolled them a lot. We have to see how India Today reacts.

"I hope you will have the decency to withdraw this fake & baseless graphic", KTR concludes.



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