Hyd Traffic Police: Legal Action on Violators

Hyd Traffic Police: Legal Action on Violators

Amidst growing number of Corona positive cases despite strict measures and orders of lockdown in place, the Telangana state government has given full powers to police department to take on the lockdown violators. As the state capital Hyderabad was witnessing large number of violations, Hyderabad traffic police have started enforcing the strict orders in place.

Yesterday i.e on 21st April, a total 15315 cases were booked under Motor Vehicles Act of which 3634 vehicles including two wheeler, three wheeler and four wheeler were seized on spot. This is only in Hyderabad. Even today, police have booked cases on the violators without any mercy.

People who are coming onto streets without valid reason and breaking 3 km rule are subjected for legal action besides seizing vehicles. "Vehicles of 3 KM rule violators and lockdown guidelines violators will be seized and produced before Hon'ble court after lockdown. So, Please don't come out of your home," tweeted Hyderabad Traffic Police.

Government and police officials have asked public to not come out of home unless it is very important and asked only one member of family to come out within 3 kms and return home soon after the work is done. Telangana state government wants to implement strict orders in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. Since the situation is critical, government doesn't want to take any chance and hence asking people to cooperate and abide by the rules.


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