'Stop using Chinese test kits for 2 days'

'Stop using Chinese test kits for 2 days'

Despite the strong notion that supplies from China can always go wrong, Indian government has placed an order for rapid test kits. Earlier this month, India received faulty PPEs, but they were part of a donation. Now, the China has yet again deceived with faulty test kits and 94.6% out of them are considered to be providing inaccurate results.

Indian Health Officials, who conducted a press meeting on Tuesday, said that the kits bought from China are not working and there is a large variation in results. Also, ICMR has advised all the states to stop using the kits for a couple of days.

Dr R Gangakhedkar, senior scientist at Indian Council of Medical Research, said that the test results were not perfect and asked all states to stop using the rapid test kits for next 2 days. "We will be able to give clear cut advisory after 2 days. We will be sending expert teams on the field to verify these results." - said Gangakhedkar.

India received 6.5 lakh testing kits on 16th April from three Chinese companies - Wondfo Biotech Co, Zhuhai Livzon Diagnostics INC and MGI Shenzen. About 3 lakhs of these testing kits were sent to Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Quickly after Rajasthan reported high inaccuracy in test results, ICMR and has contacted couple of other states where the variation in accuracy was more than 70%. In total, only 5.4% of Chinese test kits are giving accurate results while rest are faulty. It remains to be seen how government of India will take it up with China's regime.

In the month of March, Spain had returned first batch of rapid test kits received from China for having failed to meet the specifications. Other nations which questioned the quality of face masks and test kits purchased from China include Turkey and Netherlands.


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