Trump's Ban Targets Green Cards, Not Temporary Visas

Trump's Ban Targets Green Cards, Not Temporary Visas

US President Donald Trump's announcement on immigration ban has caused chaos among the foreign workers who already are in the country on work visas and also the US aspirants who have been looking forward to visiting the US soon.

The clarity on Donald Trump's temporary ban on immigration has now come, that the Trump's pause is on the issuance of certain immigration green cards for those who already are in the country on employment-based visas and also those relatives of green card holders who are not citizens.

So Trump's recent move won't likely affect those who are staying in the country on a temporary basis but would target those who are looking for green cards in hopes of staying in the US. The US President claims this move intended to save American workers' employment and also to limit the competition for jobs in the US as the economy has seen a great fall due to the pandemic.

Nearly, a million people were granted green cards last year and this sudden move by Trump's administration is going to affect people in millions. The travel ban is still on from any country to the US and the immigration applications from outside came to halt, though the existing applications for status extensions are being processed at a better speed now.

Trump's decision to ban immigration for weeks has garnered criticism and support from all quarters. Some argue that amid the current pandemic crisis and largest hit on employment, Trump's ban on lower rates of immigration eliminates millions of work permits and visas thus allowing the Americans and other legal workers to get new jobs, right away.

The immigration ban on green card aspirants is criticized for the timing of decision as there is a large number of health workers on visas who have been in critical sectors of the economy and are currently treating thousands of COVDI-19 infected.

The US has recorded more than 800,000 coronavirus positive cases, the highest any country has and with more than 42000 people died due to the infection. Many suggest that Trump could have used his executive authority to extend the halted immigration due to an international travel ban and restrict the seasonal jobs on H-2B visas.

The H-2B visas provide seasonal jobs in areas of landscaping, seafood processing, service jobs in theme parks and hotels. There was a plan to increase the number of H-2B visas before the outbreak, but Homeland security pushed it to the backseat in April the first week and now, it seems to be staying there for a long time.

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