Video: Leopard Crossing Banjara Hills Road - Here's Truth

Video: Leopard Crossing Banjara Hills Road - Here's Truth

A video has right now caught the eye of Hyderabadis where a leopard is seen crossing the road during night time. It is being said that this scene happened at Road No 13 in Banjara Hills where the road going by TRS office meets the one that goes to Cancer Hospital. Going by the side railings and the topography around, definitely, everyone believes it is damn true.

In the last two days, this video has sent many into shudders as to how leopards have come into the city. In the wake of lockdown, people around the mighty KBR Park are actually witnessing peacocks and some long snakes coming out the park and wandering on the main lane around. But a leopard is rare, and also quite shocking we must say. But wait, is this video really true?

No, it's not. The whereabouts of this video are unknown, but some say that the video is recorded by a security cam installed on Alipiri Hills, Tirumala. As the said railings on the roads on Tirumala hills resemble that of the ones near Cancer hospital junction, many felt that this is in Hyderabad. With many Twitter users sharing this video, one of them tagged Hyderabad Police as well, after which the police have warned the netizens and asked everyone to delete the post.

The police are said to have re-checked the CC camera footages from this area in Banjara Hills and confirmed that no such wild animal has actually entered the city.


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