Coronavirus: 20K Cases In India, 928 In Telangana

Coronavirus: 20K Cases In India, 928 In Telangana

Even with the country lockdown measures, the coronavirus cases have not stopped rising in number. According to the current update, there are more than 20,000 coronavirus infected people in India while 15,454 of them are active and 3909 have already recovered. 641 people died due to the virus.

The number of cases in Maharashtra took a spike with 552 on just Tuesday reaching the total to 5218 cases in which 4285 are active cases. With 19 new deaths recorded on Tuesday, Maharashtra has lost 251 people due to the virus infection.

The states Gujarat and Delhi have 2178 and 2156 total cases respectively and on Tuesday more than 180 recovered from the virus in Delhi. Rajasthan as a total of 1659 cases and Tamil Nadu recorded 1596 cases.

Telugu states AP and Telangana also have been recording high coronavirus positive cases from the last few days and today is not an exception. With a rise of 56 cases in Telangana, there is a total of 928 cases in total with 711 active in them. There are no new deaths recorded in Telangana today.

In AP, the total number of cases reached 757 with 35 new cases recorded today. With just four recoveries today, the total recovered from the virus is 96 and 22 people died in Andhra Pradesh due to the COVID-19.

There is a sudden rise of 19 coronavirus cases in Kerala making the total to 426, but the total active cases are just 117, as more than 323 recovered from the virus and Kerala had just 2 deaths due to the virus so far.

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