No Haleem This Ramzan In Hyderabad?

No Haleem This Ramzan In Hyderabad?

Haleem is the popular dish during Ramzan season and Hyderabadis just can resist to have a spoon of Haleem. There are many restaurants in the twin cities that serve Haleem during the season. Unfortunately this year, Hyderabadis will not able to make this dish amidst Corona virus tensions.

Haleem Makers' Association (HAM), the umbrella body of Haleem makers in Hyderabad, has decided against cooking and sale of the dish. This decision of HAM is acknowledged by one of its members.

Ramzan is set to begin from April 25th, and Hyderabadis were hoping that the lockdown would end soon and they get to taste their favourite dish. So this is not going to happen.

Also in view of the virus, the Telangana government has appealed to the Muslim community leaders to pray at home instead of reaching Mosques and take part in mass gatherings.


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