Harish Shankar mocks Bollywood celebs!

Harish Shankar mocks Bollywood celebs!

South Indian film personalities are unlike Bollywood celebs on making political comments. In North, many actors and directors openly comment on politicians and especially at the BJP and it's ideology. Actress Swara Bhasker, musician Vishal Dadlani, director Anurag Kashyap are a few among them who constantly stay in headlines for their tweets.

But in this Corona virus lockdown, these celebs are completely silent and they are not making any statement. Tollywood dashing director Harish Shankar found this weird and indirectly mocked them.

Posting a picture of those celebs, Harish Shankar wrote, "Am i missing their tweets or they missing from Twitter??" Whether this is a sarcastic tweet or is he really missing them on social media is something hidden here.

Nevertheless these celebs tweets something soon and bring a relief to the 'DJ' director.

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