Arnab Resigns To Editors Guild on Live Television

Arnab Resigns To Editors Guild on Live Television

Celebrated anchor and controversial TV host Arnab Goswami has announced his resignation to Editors Guild of India on the live television. Arnab, who was the member of the Editors Guild for longtime, announced his resignation and surprised many by his action. He blamed the Editors Guild for his resignation. He went onto level serious charge and allegations against the Guild alleging that the Editors Guild has "absolutely compromised" on the editorial ethics.

Stating his resignation to the membership of the Editors Guild, he said, "I want to make an announcement. On live Television, I'm resigning to the Guild because of its abject silence on series of fake news stories. The Editors Guild of India has become a self-serving organisation. The organisation is being operated in its self interest."

The lynching in Palghar district which took place on Thursday and it is going viral. Two Hindu God men and their car driver were dragged out of car and was lynched. A video portraying the heinous act has come out little late as it came out only on Sunday. Arnab has accused Shekar Gupta of leading the compromise of Indian journalism by not speaking on incidents like these (read as Palgarh lyching).


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