Actress's Satire On CM Jagan; TDP Folks Enjoying

Actress's Satire On CM Jagan; TDP Folks Enjoying

The number of coronavirus cases is not slowing down in Telugu states. While Telangana CM KCR extended the lockdown to May 7, the AP CM tested the South Korea rapid antibody testing kit on himself that resulted negative of coronavirus.

On the report of AP CM YS Jagan testing negative with the instant testing kits, yesteryear's Tamil actress Kasturi threw satire on the YS Jagan. Reacting to the news tweet by a journalist Dhanya Rajendra, Kasturi tweeted 'maybe paracetamol and bleaching powder do work after all'.

Well, needless to say, that her words are a straight satire on YS Jagan's comments during the early reports back in March when the coronavirus started spreading in India. Jagan underestimated the power and effect of virus saying Paracetamol pills and bleaching powder cleaning would suffice, in a context to rule out the need to postpone local elections due to a virus spread.

Kasturi is well known for her controversial statements and comments on Tamil politics and her fresh satire on YS Jagan turned sensational. While YSRC fans are lashing her out on her timeline, the TDP folks are sharing her tweet and enjoying it.

Also, there are allegations all over against the YSRC government about the fraud with the testing kits being priced at Rs 700 each while the neighboring state bought the same kits for almost half of that price from the same seller.



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