Social Media Craze: CBN Bouncing Back?

Social Media Craze: CBN Bouncing Back?

April 20 marks Chandrababu Naidu's birthday and exactly one year ago today there was no buzz on social media about Naidu's birthday when the state was waiting for the results of 2019 general election. However, within just one year, Naidu is sitting on the other side of the bench as the Leader Of Opposition.

In the last one year, Chandrababu and his party's fortunes have turned upside down. Several senior leaders have left the party giving him rude shock. At this juncture, the kinda response and attention Chandrababu getting on online is really giving boost to party cadre. Surprisingly, there is a phenomenal response to Naidu's birthday this year with so many netizens voluntarily took to social media to greet and wish him. Right from celebs including AP CM YS Jagan to Mega Star Chiranjeevi to several politicians, film celebs to laymen, many have wished Naidu and hailed him as a visionary leader. In fact, the hashtag HBDPeoplesLeaderCBN was trended on Twitter since last night. This indicates the growing popularity for Naidu in the critical times.

Be it capital shifting or renegotiation of Power Purchase Agreements or calling for reverse tendering of Polavaram works or decision to remove the State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar by bringing special ordinance cutting down the tenure to 3 years, several controversial and political decisions of CM Jagan seems to have not going down well with a section of people. All these seems to have favoured Naidu's marketing team. Also, the sympathy factor seems to be working.

Compared to CM Jagan's birthday on Dec 21st last year, the number of tweets poured in for Naidu today appear to be higher and almost double. It is buzzed that nearly half million tweets greeting Naidu were posted in less than 24 hours. Such a craze for Naidu in social media that too in these tested times of Corona pandemic would certainly act as catalyst for strengthening TDP and help its leaders to fight against Jagan administration for people's causes.

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