Hyd: 5 Muslim Men Do Hindu Friend's Funeral

Hyd: 5 Muslim Men Do Hindu Friend's Funeral

At a time when the Muslim community is at the receiving end regarding the COVID-19 outbreak as many accuse that Tablighi Jamaat has resulted in the unwanted spread of the virus across the country, here come five men from the very same community showcasing what they really area.

Here in Khairatabad (Hyderabad), when Venu Mudiraj (age 50) breathed his last due to tuberculosis, the neighbours refused to help his two sons and the deceased's brother Vinod. After the body was brought home from Osmania General Hospital, neighbours have entered into a scuffle with the deceased's family accusing that he died of Coronavirus and asking them to refrain doing any ceremony to the body at the locality.

When things fell apart, a social worker from the same locality, Sadeq bin Salam understood the plight and along with five other of his Muslim friends, went to support the Hindu family. Wearing masks and following social distancing norms, they lifted the body to a cemetery in Road No 13 and helped the family wrap the last rites as per Hindu customs.

"We wanted to send a message to those people who are trying to dissect the country by targeting our country post Tablighi Jamaat incident, that nothing can separate the people of this country. We stand united" said Sadeq. After wrapping the funeral, the five Muslim men came to the deceased' man's house in Khairatabad and spent more time, to give them moral support.

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